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Dr. Muhammad Javed

Sr. NLP Engineer

Muhammad Javed has a PhD degree in Software Engineering from the University of Newcastle, Australia. His research experience is in Natural Language Processing (NLP) using machine learning models, Information Extraction, Software Product Lines (SPLs), and Software Quality. His research contributions are to extract the artifacts from various formats (structured/unstructured/raw data) of textual documents, collected from different sources. His research interests also include domain-based conversational agents and true rankings of products by classifying the true and false (customer and Bot’s) customer reviews. His experience in NLP includes but not limited to conceptual model extraction, text retrieval, classification/clustering, topic modeling, named entity recognition, knowledge graph extraction, and sentiment analysis using various frameworks e.g., Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch. He is skilled in training and deploying machine learning models on High-Performance Computing (HPC) grid using many parallel CPUs/GPUs and huge amounts of memory. He participates in Kaggle NLP & ML competitions.

Muhammad Javed has been repeatedly recognized for developing innovative solutions. He has practical knowledge of complex SQL queries and experience of core programming skills including but not limited to python, C# (including WinForms), and C++, which helped him to develop custom solutions and deliver unique, innovative reports to executive leadership. He is very much experienced in database designing, development, and implementation.

Muhammad Javed has published more than 15 peer-reviewed research articles at conferences and in journals, in Software Engineering. He has been nominated for the best paper award at ENASE 2018 (“Iterative Process for Generating ER Diagram from Unrestricted Requirements.”).

Muhammad Javed has vast experience of working in a collaborative multi-disciplinary team environment and applying theoretical knowledge to real-world business problems. Along with his PhD research work at the University of Newcastle, he also worked in a multi-disciplinary research project “Exploring a Comprehensive Approach for the Automated Assessment of UML”, presented at IIAI-AAI 2019.

Before joining the University of Newcastle, Javed was a Lecturer (2015-2017) at Abbottabad University of Science and Technology, Pakistan. He received a MS in Computer Science at Hazara University, Pakistan (2015) focusing on SPLs and Software Quality.


Doctor of Philosophy (Software Engineering)

The University of Newcastle, Australia

Master of Science (Computer Science)

Hazara University, Mansehra, Pakistan


Lecturer (Computer Science)

March 2015 – March 2017
Abbottabad University of Science & Technology, Pakistan

Software Engineer

May 2008 – Feb 2015
Prime Star Academy, Pakistan