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NeurogFuture of AI SMPLer-X: A Magical Model that Captures Human Expressions in 3D

SMPLer-X: A Magical Model that Captures Human Expressions in 3D

In a world where computers and creativity come together, and 3D human images are changing and growing, three dedicated researchers from the renowned Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) embarked on an extraordinary journey. These thinkers, Jinwoo Lee, Seonghyeon Kim, and Jaesik Park, created a new model called SMPLer-X, a unique tool for making digital human pictures in a way we’ve never seen before. Their research paper, titled “SMPLer-X: A Unified Model for 3D Human Modeling,” tells the story of how they made this magical tool. It was published on September 29, 2023, and you can find it online on arXiv.


Their goal was to create a model that could capture the shape of our bodies, our faces, and the dance of our postures. To make this dream come true, they sprinkled some special magic onto an older model called SMPLer-X. Think of it like giving an old paintbrush the power to create new, unseen colors. They journeyed into new territories to overcome old challenges, especially in painting detailed pictures of humans in complex positions or with expressive faces.


SMPLer-X starting is like turning a new page in a storybook. It lets us make clear 3D drawings of people that look real, even if they move or change their faces. The cool thing? This model is easy to use, like playing with a toy. What makes the SMPLer-X special is how well it captures the true feelings and looks of people, something that was hard for old models to do.


In the big world of 3D human pictures, people often talk about famous models like SMPL, SMPL-X, FLAME, MANO, and STAR. But when they compared SMPLer-X to these famous models, it did well. It showed people in a new and better way. They tested it many times using different pictures to see how good it was. What’s special about SMPLer-X? It can show small details like muscles moving and skin stretching, and it can make faces look very real and different.


SMPLer-X didn’t just do well by chance; it worked hard to improve itself. It learned from 4.5 million teachers from different worlds, with a special guide called vision transformers which you can think of as smart teachers teaching the model.


But SMPLer-X didn’t just stop at beating old records. It also did great in real-world photos and videos. The story of SMPLer-X includes it doing amazing things in 32 different challenges, many of which were new and unexplored


Some of the stats that show how amazing SMPLer-X is are:


  • On the AGORA test set, SMPLer-X achieved 107.2 mm NMVE and 99.7 mm PVE, which are 11% and 12% better than the previous best results by OSX.
  • On the EHF test set, SMPLer-X achieved 62.3 mm PVE and 37.1 mm PA-PVE, which are 12% and 21% better than the previous best results by OSX.
  • On the EgoBody test set, SMPLer-X achieved 63.6 mm PVE and 39.1 mm PA-PVE, which are 20% and 19% better than the previous best results by PyMaF-X.
  • On the UBody test set, SMPLer-X achieved 57.4 mm PVE and 39.1 mm PA-PVE, which are 18% and 16% better than the previous best results by OSX.
  • On the 3DPW test set, SMPLer-X achieved 75.2 mm MPJPE and 37.1 mm PA-MPJPE, which are 9% and 10% better than the previous best results by HybrIK-X.


In addition to its impressive performance, the researchers also explored how the size of the model affects its performance, finding that larger models tend to do better. They also developed a special technique (fine-tuning) that can make SMPLer-X better at specific tasks.


However, every story has its dark parts. While SMPLer-X might reduce the need for real people (saving important things like resources and helping fun areas like video games), it could also have a bad side. It could need more computational power, leading to more pollution and footprints in our world. There are also concerns of privacy problems, identity theft, and fake images known as deepfakesThe story of SMPLer-X is a shining example of human curiosity and imagination. It’s a tale that stretches the limits of what we know about 3D human art and will be remembered for a long time as a significant achievement in the field.

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