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As the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence saw a massive boom over the last decade with ever-evolving methods and tools, research plays a pivotal role in deciding the outcome of any task.

At Neurog we aspire to produce unique solutions that aim to solve contemporary problems. We continue to produce quality research by working on developing intelligent solutions that can bring value to your ideas. To bring you what is essential and to get it done, experts at Neurog are constantly working on developing intelligent solutions that can provide state-of-the-art technologies and approaches to ensure that your solution provides real competitive advantage from enormous amounts of data. No matter the complexity, our research endeavours to bring the most innovative and scalable solutions to our clients. From conducting fundamental research to influencing product development, our research team has the opportunity to impact technology used by billions of people every day.

Our team strives to generate discoveries that benefit everyone, and sharing our research and tools to drive development in the area is key to our strategy. With years of experience in research, we aim to create an open community to help researchers accelerate their research efforts. With comprehensive and current insights, Neurog helps you explore the rapidly evolving research landscape to assist with your next groundbreaking idea by pursuing novel avenues and exploring how AI can be implemented in real-world situations, testing prototypes, and developing applications in key areas of AI and ML. AI experience, technical services, and machine learning skills can help you enhance your ideas, business infrastructure, and agility. In terms of development, Neurog provides ready-to-use AI-powered services with intelligent features that generate superior outcomes.

Proven Methodology

Our methodologies encourage our clients to boost efficiency by expediting procedures via the use of unique technologies to provide the best possible research outcomes with novel solutions. Below, we present the number of publications in top-ranked international journals and conferences, divided into sub-fields.



Computer Vision


Deep Reinforcement Learning


Natural Language Processing


Mathematical Modelling


Communication Networks